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Design-Build Process

As one of the principals, David Sklar, likes to say, “Our personalized design build process delivers success while reducing stress.” It forms the basis of our philosophy.


At Eclipse ID, we believe that the keys to a successful project are:

  • understanding the site,
  • getting to know the client
  • and establishing clear goals in order to ensure expectations are met.


Our proven process has been developed over years of experience in the design/build industry. The intricate process of designing and building a home can be streamlined into six phases.


The six phases are:

The first phase is the most important and is the basis for everything that follows. It is the foundation of the process and each subsequent phase. We listen to your needs, likes and dislikes, budgetary concerns and descriptions of how you live.

Developing relationships is key to a successful home project. Each client is unique and brings different needs, desires, and lifestyles to every homebuilding project. We get to know you and assist in developing a program to fit your budget and dreams while managing your expectations. The communication continues throughout the process by schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

Eclipse partners with the architectural firm SM7 Design to assemble the program into a unique solution to your needs, budget and site. This starts with the concept of your home to reflect your lifestyle. The design is developed with the construction process in mind. It is the first true stage of the building process. If it does not work on the paper, it will not work in the field.

  • Establish an initial budget.
  • Prioritize the allocation of funds
  • Structure and Size
  • Mechanicals
  • Fixtures and Finishes (control valve, low/medium/high, great variation in costs)
  • Integrate the budget while preserving important design elements and identify alternative
    solutions when needed.

After a design is approved it is time to start the process of assembling the pieces to make construction run smooth. We begin our process meeting with subs and suppliers. layout critical construction schedules and key item procurement. Our team assists you with all selections to determine the final cost prior to beginning construction. This saves time and minimizes change orders.

  • Daily supervision
  • Weekly client communication
  • Multiple levels of quality control
  • Cost tracking and budget updates
  • Project scheduling/tracking with suppliers and subcontractors

We believe how you finish the project is just as important as how you begin. Our comprehensive checklist features:

  • Client walk through and punch list
  • Gathering of lien releases and ensure final payments have been made
  • Deliver owner’s manual and warranty information
  • Orientation and instruction of home features and key contacts